Climate and Sustainability
Climate and Sustainability

Climate & Sustainability

With a growing focus on the wellbeing of people and the planet, companies are increasingly expected to demonstrate both how the way they do business impacts the world and how a changing world might impact their business. Companies can utilise a number of sustainability standards, frameworks, guidelines and concepts to communicate these impacts and how they plan to manage and reduce them.

MCC can provide a complete ESG reporting package, aligned to one or more of these standards, including materiality assessments, training and education and the implementation of activities to achieve targets across social, environment and governance business areas.

  • Integration of IPIECA, TCFD and UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs
  • Reporting and climate disclosures such as Carbon Disclosure Project and TCFD reporting

We work with organisations taking their first steps in ESG, right through to those looking to lead, with the following services:

  • Benchmark your ESG performance against your peers
  • Determine which ESG topics and risks are most material to your business and your stakeholders
  • Disclose your ESG performance in an annual sustainability report
  • Audit your current policies and strategies to see if they help or hinder ESG
  • Create and deliver an ESG education package for employees, executives and Board members
Climate and Sustainability
Climate and Sustainability
  • Create an ESG reporting dashboard and manage data
  • Integrate your ESG strategy into your corporate strategy
  • Undertake social investment and community engagement
  • Answer questions from shareholders and stakeholders
  • Improve your ESG score in third party rankings
At MCC Sustainable Futures we understand Nature, and Environmental Risk.

There is increasing momentum for businesses and organisations to understand and report on their impacts and dependencies on #nature. We are seeing a rapid shift from voluntary reporting to mandatory reporting under #TNFD, #GBF, #SBTN.

We can help you understand and navigate this new landscape. You can start simple with a Nature Strategy, or commitment to Nature and Biodiversity in your Sustainability Report or ESG disclosures.

Expert advice is don’t wait, engage now and get ahead of nature related regulation. This can help you reach your net zero and biodiversity goals. Manage supply chain risk, support local communities and help your business maintain positive stakeholder engagement.

Reach out to if you would like to know more. 

Climate and Sustainability
Climate and Sustainability
MCC can draw on its long history of working with communities to facilitate community engagement and management of blue carbon habitats.

In all our work, MCC places strong emphasis on investing in developing strong and meaningful relationships with individuals, communities and organisations and build on their existing knowledge and capacity to strengthen how they manage their natural resources, to achieve nature positive and social outcomes. 

CBRM is a critical and central strategy for reducing long-term vulnerabilities associated with climate change and securing the benefits of marine and terrestrial resources.

MCC's skilled and qualified climate change specialists also offer a range of climate services.

We can help you to measure your emissions, set emissions targets and create strategies to reach net zero including managing your carbon offsets. Our other services include:

  • Identify physical and transition climate risks your business is exposed to
  • Adopt an internal carbon price
  • Create a climate policy
  • Develop a Scope 3 emissions methodology
  • Align with a 1.5 degree pathway
  • Adopt Science Based Targets (SBT)

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