Nature and Oceans
Nature and Oceans

Nature and Oceans

MCC welcome the global shift in the increased value placed on nature and our oceans. MCC has decades of experience working to protect, restore and manage natural marine and coastal resources, through policy, planning and long-term management. 

MCC are committed to working with organisations to support them in their commitments to the global 30x30 goals and the UN Oceans Decade. 

Nature-based Solutions

MCC is passionate about the role Nature-based Solutions (NbS) have for addressing the key global risks.

We believe that the sustainable use and management of natural resources is essential for tackling both socioeconomic and environmental challenges.
MCC provide expertise in:
  • Policy development
  • National and regional policy reviews in the Asia Pacific region
  • Development, facilitation and presentation of workshops
Nature and Oceans
Nature and Oceans
Blue Carbon
Coastal ecosystems like mangrove forests, tidal marshes, and seagrass meadows mitigate climate change by: sequestering and storing vast amounts of carbon; serving as barriers against storm surges, flooding, and erosion; cleaning air and water; and providing critical habitats for fish, crustaceans and other species.
Coastal blue carbon ecosystems are valued at over $190 billion USD per year for carbon sequestration and the other ecosystem services they provide. 
  • Growing demand for blue carbon credits and the accompanying surge of interest in blue carbon have attracted many new actors into this space
  • Blue Carbon ecosystems can also contribute to countries’ commitments to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and have the potential to contribute to NDCs, NAPs, TNFD, Biodiversity and 30x30 goals
MCC provide expertise in:
  • Blue carbon policy development
  • Management and monitoring of blue carbon habitats
  • Blue carbon habitats role in climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Facilitation of community engagement
At MCC Sustainable Futures we understand Nature, and Environmental Risk.

There is increasing momentum for businesses and organisations to understand and report on their impacts and dependencies on #nature. We are seeing a rapid shift from voluntary reporting to mandatory reporting under #TNFD, #GBF, #SBTN.

We can help you understand and navigate this new landscape. You can start simple with a Nature Strategy, or commitment to Nature and Biodiversity in your Sustainability Report or ESG disclosures.

Expert advice is don’t wait, engage now and get ahead of nature related regulation. This can help you reach your net zero and biodiversity goals. Manage supply chain risk, support local communities and help your business maintain positive stakeholder engagement.

Reach out to if you would like to know more. 

Nature and Oceans
Nature and Oceans
MCC can draw on its long history of working with communities to facilitate community engagement and management of blue carbon habitats.

In all our work, MCC places strong emphasis on investing in developing strong and meaningful relationships with individuals, communities and organisations and build on their existing knowledge and capacity to strengthen how they manage their natural resources, to achieve nature positive and social outcomes. 

CBRM is a critical and central strategy for reducing long-term vulnerabilities associated with climate change and securing the benefits of marine and terrestrial resources.

Marine Spatial Planning
MSP is a practical way of spatially organising the human use of marine areas to balance the demands of human activities with the need to maintain the health of the ecosystems on which those activities depend.

MCC supports countries commencing or undertaking MSP by providing scientific expertise, support and guidance to the process, including:

  • Gathering baseline data and information on future conditions, including information about the environment, ecology, oceanography and human uses and values
  • Identifying threats, and which values need protection
  • Identifying management targets for protection

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