Environmental Management
Environmental Management

Environmental Management & Regulatory Approvals

MCC provide specialist knowledge and strategic advice in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management and can develop and implement tailored Environment Plans (EPs) and EIA documents (EIS) for your business in the offshore marine environment with a focus on oil and gas activities as well as the emerging renewables market.

MCC staff have decades of regulatory experience and can assist its clients with environmental approvals for both the oil and gas industry and the renewables industry. 


MCC has collective experience working with many industry clients. We can expertly and efficiently:

  • Provide strategic project planning and advice
  • Prepare approval documents with supporting risk and ENVIDworkshops to meet regulatory requirements and expectations
  • Undertake consultation and stakeholder engagement with internal, external, and regulatory stakeholders
  • Develop oil spill response planning processes with participation in exercises and incidents, providing standby support and forward planning
  • Support all stages of the project lifecycle
Environmental Management
Environmental Management
  • Complete technical reviews with a regulator lens
  • Undertake continued liaison with regulators through the assessment process
  • Complete data analysis and interpretation of results for routine compliance reporting following acceptance of approvals
  • Complete annual environmental reports against internal and regulatory approvals
At MCC Sustainable Futures we understand Nature, and Environmental Risk.

There is increasing momentum for businesses and organisations to understand and report on their impacts and dependencies on #nature. We are seeing a rapid shift from voluntary reporting to mandatory reporting under #TNFD, #GBF, #SBTN.

We can help you understand and navigate this new landscape. You can start simple with a Nature Strategy, or commitment to Nature and Biodiversity in your Sustainability Report or ESG disclosures.

Expert advice is don’t wait, engage now and get ahead of nature related regulation. This can help you reach your net zero and biodiversity goals. Manage supply chain risk, support local communities and help your business maintain positive stakeholder engagement.

Reach out to if you would like to know more. 

Environmental Management
Environmental Management
MCC can draw on its long history of working with communities to facilitate community engagement and management of blue carbon habitats.

In all our work, MCC places strong emphasis on investing in developing strong and meaningful relationships with individuals, communities and organisations and build on their existing knowledge and capacity to strengthen how they manage their natural resources, to achieve nature positive and social outcomes. 

CBRM is a critical and central strategy for reducing long-term vulnerabilities associated with climate change and securing the benefits of marine and terrestrial resources.

MCC is experienced in material degradation assessments and comparative environmental impact assessment for decommissioning options assessment.

MCC also undertook the first degradation studies on WA assets which became industry standard across multiple operators, providing input to business decisions on how infrastructure could degrade over time in the marine environment and the potential impacts and risks.

Our team collaborates with engineers at Atteris to determine realistic degradation timeframes and materials inventory. We then apply our expertise in water and sediment quality to determine the potential consequences and impact pathways of plastic and chemical degradation. 

These are written into high quality reports for our clients and regulators. We have also completed full comparative assessments of the various options for decommissioning to inform  decision making.