our history

MCC is a specialised consultancy with expertise in Environmental Management, Sustainability and Oceans.

Increasingly concerned with environmental damage she witnessed in her roles across the globe Gillian committed her career to environmental management and sustainability.

Noticing the gap in family friendly workplaces that allowed for career progression and to still work on meaningful projects, Gillian set up MCC in 2011.

This allowed Gillian to raise her twin boys and work on projects she was passionate about. Gillian Goby the Founder and Manager Director or MCC was born in Nairobi, Kenya. This where the foundations of her love of nature began, and why she chose to study Marine Biology at James Cook University in Townsville, on the door step on the Great Barrier Reef.

The MCC team grew with like-minded people, with shared values, and a desire to be part of a workplace that provides flexibility that supports peoples family and lifestyle choices.

MCC services grew and evolved with our clients needs, a growing team and a changing world that placed more focus on climate, sustainability and nature. MCC Sustainable Futures is now an established company, with an excellent reputation for client service and high quality deliverables. We value and take care of our team, and they take care of our clients.

The core values of MCC are evident in the way we work and the products we deliver; Quality, Integrity, Sustainability, Flexibility and Dedication.